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James Dondero’s Appointment

James Dondero has been constituted in the Executive Board of the SMU Cox School of Business. His new position in the board expounds the unwavering allegiance of Highlands to SMU, which includes the talent of the students in Highland Capital Management Tower. That is a programme that accredits and advocates for academic and professional quests in public policy and continuous support of George W. Bush Presidential Library.

The SMU Cox Executive Board comprises of around 100 appointed members. Most of them are non-academics, and they give advice on the business school’s plan of action. The Executive Board gathers three times annually. That is, during the fall, winter and spring. Learn more about James Dandero:

James Dondero said that the Cox School at SMU chips in the vibrant business community in Dallas and Highland is amongst the many recipients. He continued to say that he was honoured to help with lots of development and splendid initiatives that are presently underway.

James Dondero is one of the group founders and chairman of Highland Capital Management, an SEC-registered investment consultant that in concert with its affiliates, owns about 18 billion dollars of assets under management. James Dondero is currently living in Dallas TX. Presently, he supervises the investment strategies and procedures of Highland for both small quantity and institutional products at Highland. Dondero has accumulated knowledge in credit markets for more than three decades. Ahead of Highland, he was the chief investment officer of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary.

James Dondero received an academic degree in accounting and finance from Virginia’s University. Also, he is a Certified Management Accountant. In summation to his leadership at Highland, he attends to the Board of Directors for both American Banknote and MGM Studios. Mr Dondero is also the president of the Board of NexBank, CCS Medical Corporation and Cornerstone Healthcare.

No Lather? No Problem: The Hair Product Fact You Probably Didn’t Know

In this day and age, people are looking for more natural products. From the food at the grocery store to the ingredients in lip balm, customers are looking for organic, natural products instead of the chemically created products everyone is used to. Shampoo is no exception to this new trend. However, there’s one fact about shampoo that might be keeping you from purchasing a truly natural product.

If you ask women how they know their shampoo is really cleaning their hair, many of them will say that it’s because of the lather. It seems to be the case that most people believe the bigger the lather, the better the clean. However, if your shampoo creates a white, fluffy lather and claims to be natural – you might want to think again.

In fact, lather is created by chemicals, not by natural ingredients. Knowing which came first, the chemical or the conception, is a bit of a chicken and egg question. However, it’s a fact that many shampoo companies put more of this lather-creating chemical in their products because people think it means the product is really doing its job.

However, throwing a picture of almonds or thistle roots on the front of a shampoo bottle does not a natural product make. In truth, products that don’t lather are typically the more natural, healthy, and organic options.

Think a natural, latherless shampoo can’t do the job? Think again. Hair care giant and celebrity stylist Chaz Dean (see, is the creator behind WEN by Chaz. This product line is incredibly successful and has received rave reviews from celebrities and everyday women alike. It’s effective, smells wonderful, and has all the hallmarks of a wonderful, natural shampoo – but it doesn’t lather.

The reason that WEN by Chaz doesn’t lather is because it’s actually made from natural ingredients. In the place of hard-to-pronounce chemicals, you’ll find things like rosemary oil, shea butter, and wild cherry bark. Chaz Dean’s commitment to truly natural products has helped to change the conception that an effective cleanser has to lather. So remember: no lather, no problem. Visit the Wen Facebook page and Twitter for more info as well as updates!


Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Give Investors A Real Opportunity


Jim Hunt of VTA Publications has launched a program called “Wealth Wave” which offers a very elementary strategy to help financial clients predict when a bear market may be in the offing. If investors have a predictable way of discerning this probability, it is possible to make a good profit from the event.


Hunt is a financial advisor for VTA Publications and is well known for his financial strategies. The perils of the market are well-known, but according to Hunt can be overcome by simply paying attention and using the right investment methods and strategies.

Hunt claims that the strategy is really all about the timing of investing and how the overall market is reacting. He points out that when the market value of stocks is losing value, the money that people have invested is not lost. It is simply being relocated to another location or to another investor.


Jim Hunt is the CEO of the VTA Publications which specializes in teaching clients the art of “spread betting.” Customers are taught how to make money in the stock market by learning how to anticipate the ideal times to trade. Instructions are given in detail by experts like Hunt as to the processes, even down to the minutest of details.


Even if an investor is a total neophyte to the market, the exhaustive details of the process are illustrated through webinars and training videos so customers thoroughly learn the steps and ramifications of the Wealth Wave process.


As CEO of VTA publications, Hunt has a long and successful track record that is backed by results as opposed to wishful thinking. Jim is well-known for his acumen in being able to identify trends in the market as a whole which allows him to predict what stocks are going to do. His record speaks for itself and is open for all to see.


The current distance learning programs that are offered by Jim Hunt and VTA are in great demand by investors who wish to make money in the stock market. Following the instructions as offered by Hunt and VTA has resulted in many profitable transactions and happy investors.

The Different Types Of Co-working Spaces


One thing that could be said about coworking spaces in New York is that there is a lot of variety to them. For one thing, there are different models and different customs of the coworking space. Therefore, it is important for one to find the type of co-working space that he wants. There are a lot of different features and factors to look at when it comes to the co-working space. However, in order to find the co-working space that works the best for him, it is important for him to figure out what he needs from an NYC coworking space.


One thing that people need to look at when they are looking for a coworking space is the time that it is open. Some shared office spaces are not open for 24 hours. Therefore, people need to find a way to work around that if they need a co-working space. While no one is going to be awake for 24 hours of any given day, it is important for people to know the times that are right for them. This will give them the time that they need to make sure that they get the needed amount of work done


If one is looking for a 24 hour NYC shared office space, then Workville is one space that is worth checking out. They have offices that are for rent. The amount of money is low enough for people to be able to use and still make the needed profits for expansion.


There are also some co-working spaces that are free. However, the person that does work in those spaces do have to make contributions. One thing people have to be ready to contribute is his skills and his friendship. People are willing to work together in coworking spaces because of the environment. They also get to enjoy some of the major benefits and amenities such as Wi-Fi, lounging areas and special offices.

The Boom in New York Real Estate


There is a lot of growth in NYC real estate. People are gaining a lot of interest in the luxury dwellings that are springing up here. New York has always been presented as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and this has not changed. TOWN Residential is the company that people like to use when they are interested in finding luxury homes within New York.


There a people that are moving to various areas of Manhattan that are getting a great feel for what areas like Tribeca, Soho and Battery Park have to offer. The real estate is on the rise in New York, and much of this has to do with all the new lofts and apartments that are being listed in the NYC area.


In Tribeca, for example, there are celebrities that are taking interest in apartments. In other areas like Central Park there are people that are moving here to take full advantage of the restaurants and hangout spots. TOWN Residential has the ability to put people in NYC luxury real estate that are will be close to where they work or hang out after work. This is why there is such a strong buzz about this real estate company.


TOWN Realty has agents that have quite a bit of experience when it comes to selling NYC luxury real estate. The website has a list of agents and the listings give people an idea of what they can expect to find. The surge in real estate development marks an era where people are transitioning into the city to be closer to where they work. In the past many people may have lived in other cities and made the commute to NYC, but the development of more properties gives more workers the chance to move closer to their jobs.


TOWN Residential has been in the NYC luxury real estate business for a very long time and the agents can give new residents an idea of what locations will suite them best. The agents here are familiar with the city, and they know about all the upcoming developments.

The Phone Carrier Market And Lower Prices

One thing that could be said about the market of mobile phone services is that it has come with a lot of innovative new items. For one thing, there are new types of payment plans that are not only contract free, but also inexpensive. Therefore, people who have a little less money to spend can enjoy some of the services that come with telecommunications. Even with smartphones, people are allowed data which they can use in order to enjoy internet service. As a result, they are able to not only get in touch with their loved ones, but also enjoy some of their favorite sites.

There is one carrier that is taking mobile services to an even higher level. This carrier is FreedomPop. This company has started off with free service to people who are interested. People who get the right device will find themselves with free internet and minutes as well as texting. Of course, users get a limited amount for free. However, they could pay for more. FreedomPop has experienced a lot of growth to the point that they are now offering unlimited services to people who sign up. All they need is to pay $20 for the service and they get to enjoy unlimited data, talk, and text.

Anyone who reads a FreedomPop review will have a better understanding of what the phone carrier has to offer. The one important thing is to know how to get set up with a phone carrier service. FreedomPop for the most part only sells used phones. However, these phones are in great condition. However, people that have a Sprint device that has been used for 2 years could also sign up for the FreedomPop service. They get to experience carrier service at an even more affordable price. For people that are on a tight budget, FreedomPop is there to meet their needs.

Mike Baur Starting a Business

Starting a business is a dream for many people around the world. However, few people have the work ethic to get their dream accomplished. Mike Baur has had a lot of success in this area of his life. Over time, he has done a great job of helping other people get to the next level as well. If you want to learn all about business from someone, Mike Baur is a great resource to go to. During his time in the business world, he was able to start a variety of successful companies. Mike Baur now spends most of his time helping other people get to the next level in this area.


Mike Baur


From the time he was in school, Mike Baur has always wanted to help other people. He has done a lot of great work when it comes to educating others. There are a lot of things to learn when it comes to starting a business. Many people never start because they are too afraid of the unknown. Mike Baur works with clients to help them understand different areas to concentrate on when starting a business. A lot of new business owners leave a lot of profit on the table because of correctable mistakes.




One of the most important elements of starting a business is financing. Financing requires some form of collateral, so many new business owners will risk their home or other assets to get started. This is never a good idea and can even up in financial disaster. If possible, Mike Baur believes that it is best to start your business with no debt. When you start out with that thinking, it requires you to get creative in order to get started. This is how he has started every company, although some did require much more capital than others. Debt payments will also restrict your cashflow over the long term.


Final Thoughts


Starting a business is a lot of hard work. There are a lot of people who fail in this area over time. However, Mike Baur is someone who has dedicated his life to helping others get started with a new business. If you have a dream to start your own company, he is a great teacher to work with. He cares deeply about his clients, and he will always work to make sure you learn what you need to. Mike Baur is a great resource for a lot of new business owners around the world.


Vintners and Wine Merchants in the UK

The wine industry has been a growing sector in the business environment of the UK, particularly in London. offers a directory that covers over a hundred wine stockists in the UK. Many of these vintners and wine suppliers offer some of the best products and services in the world. Here we take a look at some of UK’s finest wine investments.

One of the most notable vintners is Highbury Vintners. The wine merchant stocks Portuguese and Spanish wine. Also, Highbury Vintners boasts a collection of nearly 1300 wines from the different part of the world. This extensive collection is supposed to meet the needs of every customer that visits the award-winning wine seller. The company was named runners-up for Best Small Independent Wine Merchant in 2014. In addition to wine, Highbury Vintners also stock microbrews.

The Merchant Vintners Company ( was established in 1965. The company’s management works towards fostering prosperity for its 20 member firms by providing top of the line wine varieties. The vintner stocks a wide array of wines and is a leading competitor of the relatively bigger wine merchants. The member companies combine purchases to achieve and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Another giant in the UK wine industry is Wilkinson Vintage which holds stock valued at more than £6 million. The company was started in 1992 by Patrick and Fiona Wilkinson and specializes in Cru Classe Bordeaux, Burgundy and Vintage Port. The different types of wines listed on the company’s website are available in stock; the company does not do broke wine from other suppliers. The company uses temperature controlled vehicles to make collections and deliveries.

Enotria & Coe, another stocker of wine and spirit, has one of the most premium portfolios in the UK wine business. The wine seller prides itself on extensive product knowledge and excellent service provision. The wine supplier has a wide variety of in-demand types of wine at all times.

A niche supplier of wine that specializes in Australian black-vintage wine, Cellar link is one of the biggest wine outlets in the UK. The company has other stores in Australia and Hong Kong and offers collector and reward programs to attract and keep customers.

Great Western Wine has been in the wine selling industry for over thirty years and specializes in hand-crafted wines bought from individual winemakers. The company is located in Churchill Roundabout and sells their wine from their shop well as online.

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Kate Hudson Named Breast Cancer Ambassador for CFDA

Kate Hudson has been a figure at the box office for years and recently her Fabletics line has become popular with women of all ages. This year she has combined with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to offer a pink outfit during the month of October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Proceeds of the offering will be able to aid Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Initiative sponsored by the CFDA, based in the U.K.

As this year’s ambassador for the organization, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line is offering an original capsule collection. The seamless outfit features a pair of capri leggings, two tank tops and a bralette in a bright and bold pink color. She has said she wanted to offer a collection that women would love to wear as well as being able to make an important contribution to the breast cancer cause. Low income, immigrant and minority women will benefit from the generosity by having access to important preventive care, screening, diagnosis and necessary treatment. Hudson has said she thinks insurance for screenings should also kick in at a much younger age than is currently allowed.

Hudson is the mother of two children and currently stars in theatres in the motion picture Deepwater Horizon. The popular Fabletics collection that offers stylish work out wear has been available a little less than three years. Hudson and the designers for the line work to create clothing that is comfortable and looks great at the same time.

Past industry ambassadors for the CFDA have included models Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and Karolina Kurkova.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a designation by major breast cancer charities that brings attention to the condition and the steps that are necessary to screen and diagnose the deadly disease among both women and men.

Learn more about Fabletics:

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Bruce Levenson, Controlling Partner at Hawks and the lawsuit against an Insurance Company Over Breach of Contract.


Bruce Levenson is the co-founder of United Communications Group (UCG), which ranks as the largest business information companies in the world, to be privately owned. The company works by providing customized information to each of its over two million clients, based in different business sectors, mostly Finance Services, Technology, Telecommunication, Healthcare and Energy sectors. Bruce is the current serving Managing Partner for the Atlanta Hawks, on which he served as the Governor of its Board since 2004. Read:

According to Time Magazine, Bruce Levenson has also served on the board of Directors at TechTarget (NASDAQ): TTGT), a publicly held company as a founding shareholder. He has recently also partnered to found a private company DOT, that led to the invention of cooking technology. Before founding the United Communications Group in the year 1997, Bruce worked as a journalist for Washington Star, and later for Energy Publication. He is also active in philanthropic initiatives, and passionate about Non- profit charitable programs founding Centre for Philanthropy, and Non-Profit Leadership based at the University of Maryland. Bruce has also served on the board at Hoops Dreams Foundation.

In a recent lawsuit filed against New Hampshire Insurance Company by the former NBA Franchise ownership group, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC also includes Bruce Levenson as a controlling partner over allegations on Breach of Contract. AHBE was not happy with the wrong termination of the contract, stating in a document presentment in Court. AHBE also states that it sent a notice to the Insurance Company dated 2nd April 2015, informing them that the claims believed to have been covered had been asserted by Mr. Ferry. The Complaint states that despite AIG acknowledging the policy to be triggered by Mr. Ferry, they have defied to pay for the losses without giving any justification.