Waiakea Water May be the Exception to Bottled Water

Consumers’ awareness about how harmful plastic can be on the environment has increased in the last several years. People are more aware of how bottled water contributes to the already problematic pollution and excess waste that makes its way into the environment.

The idea of bottled water has even lost many of its attributes, usually being marketed as coming from a natural water source. The reality is often the bottled water is nothing more than filtered city water many consumers could get free from the tap.

While bottled water is usually not viewed with kind eyes, there may be an exception to the rule. Waiakea Water comes from a natural alkaline source that is completely pure and the company uses an eco-conscious packaging to market their product. According to BabyBoomster, Pairing this with the company’s global philosophy, Waiakea Water may mark a change in the bottled water industry.

The Beginning of Something Extraordinary

Ryan Emmons is the founder of Waiakea water and launched his bottled Hawaiian volcanic water about four years ago. He came to the realization the water he had been consuming during the time he spent in Hawaii during the summer and winter months was something extra special. He realized his source was one of the most pure, sustainable, and healthy natural water sources to be found in the whole world.

The water itself comes from a single source found in a town called Hilo located on the Big Island of Hawaii. The water is filtered through a couple thousand feet of the Mauna Loa volcano. This single source of water has been boasted of having a rather interesting chemical composition which includes: the right amount of silica which is often 30mg, electrolytes, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and even potassium. Meaning each mouthful of water is silky and soft the moment it hits the tongue.

The natural pH range of Waiakea water lingers between 7.8 and 8.8, which makes it a natural alkaline source. Water that has been purified or pure usually has a neutral pH of 7. There are waters that exist which feature artificial alkaline, but Emmons goes into detail about how the human body these artificial minerals can have an effect on the human body. He explains how clinical studies have been done to show artificial alkaline can cause side effects to the human body.

The company is also environmentally conscious for every aspect of the process of bottling this pure water. Their facility uses 33% renewable energy and their aquifer has a 1.4 gallon recharge rate. Organica Authority said that keeping all this in mind, Waiakea spring could very well change the face of the industry when it comes to bottled water.

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