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Tyrants’ Troublemaker

It is clear that Thor Halvorssen is keeping vampire hours from the time his night-out texts, emails and encrypted Wickr messages started flooding like a surge. The 40-year-old Thor Halvorssen is the leader of the Human Rights Foundation based in New York. This organization was incorporated in 2005.

Half-Venezuelan, half-Norwegian was born in Caracas and speaks American English. He descends from the head of state in Swashbucklers. During World War II, his grandfather was made King in Venezuela.

When the Germans invaded their homeland, he diverted the Norwegian fleet to the ports of Venezuela. His mother is a descendant of the first president of the country. According to Crunchbase, for Thor Halvorssen, individual liberty and human rights should be the main topics of discussion on every table. Human rights discussion form the basis of a lively debate.

Thor has a practical knowledge of the subject. While working at a Venezuelan car drag, he exposed government corruption. During an anti-Hugo demonstration, his mother was shot dead. Leopoldo Lopez, his first cousin, is gutting out as a prisoner in Venezuela. However, Thor spends no time the sad-sack stereotypical activist. He never emits clock or world-weariness over the American evils in homogeny. He adopts deposition as a key factor for human rights activism. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

He loves people. He loves the defectors and dissidents most. He strives to free troublemakers who blow. He made Vaclav Havel serve as chairman for HRF till 2011 when he died. He also had Garry Kasparov replace him with. For his course, Thor has been beaten severally. In 2011, he received a beating at a Buddhist church together with is the cameraman. The eventually taped the interview after he was snuck into the monastery. He was detained until he convinced the police that he had an interest in Buddhist.

Thor Halvorsen was born in 1976. He is a human rights advocate in Venezuela. He also produces films through public interest advocacy and public policy. He is the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum. This is a gathering described as the foundation for human rights. Halvorsen attended Pennsylvania University and graduated with a History and Political Science degree.


Waiakea Water May be the Exception to Bottled Water

Consumers’ awareness about how harmful plastic can be on the environment has increased in the last several years. People are more aware of how bottled water contributes to the already problematic pollution and excess waste that makes its way into the environment.

The idea of bottled water has even lost many of its attributes, usually being marketed as coming from a natural water source. The reality is often the bottled water is nothing more than filtered city water many consumers could get free from the tap.

While bottled water is usually not viewed with kind eyes, there may be an exception to the rule. Waiakea Water comes from a natural alkaline source that is completely pure and the company uses an eco-conscious packaging to market their product. According to BabyBoomster, Pairing this with the company’s global philosophy, Waiakea Water may mark a change in the bottled water industry.

The Beginning of Something Extraordinary

Ryan Emmons is the founder of Waiakea water and launched his bottled Hawaiian volcanic water about four years ago. He came to the realization the water he had been consuming during the time he spent in Hawaii during the summer and winter months was something extra special. He realized his source was one of the most pure, sustainable, and healthy natural water sources to be found in the whole world.

The water itself comes from a single source found in a town called Hilo located on the Big Island of Hawaii. The water is filtered through a couple thousand feet of the Mauna Loa volcano. This single source of water has been boasted of having a rather interesting chemical composition which includes: the right amount of silica which is often 30mg, electrolytes, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and even potassium. Meaning each mouthful of water is silky and soft the moment it hits the tongue.

The natural pH range of Waiakea water lingers between 7.8 and 8.8, which makes it a natural alkaline source. Water that has been purified or pure usually has a neutral pH of 7. There are waters that exist which feature artificial alkaline, but Emmons goes into detail about how the human body these artificial minerals can have an effect on the human body. He explains how clinical studies have been done to show artificial alkaline can cause side effects to the human body.

The company is also environmentally conscious for every aspect of the process of bottling this pure water. Their facility uses 33% renewable energy and their aquifer has a 1.4 gallon recharge rate. Organica Authority said that keeping all this in mind, Waiakea spring could very well change the face of the industry when it comes to bottled water.


The unparalleled success of the Davos Financial Group of companies stand testament to the pioneering entrepreneurial spirit of its founder and CEO, David Osio. One of the biggest success stories of its kind to rise out of Venezuela, the international financial group has a pan-global presence and holds a pre-eminent position in Latin American financial services market. The successful entrepreneur has forged this financial conglomerate in his own unique vision with an emphasis on energetic leadership, strategic expansion and above all, Corporate Social Responsibility with a strong emphasis on community outreach.

Such a multi-pronged approach has cemented Mr. Osio’s reputation as a successful businessman as well as a prolific philanthropist. Thanks to his signature business model, each successive expansion into newer markets has seen an increased involvement in myriad philanthropic activities in the communities there. Global expansion of the Davos Financial Group has thus coincided with increased support to various philanthropic and charitable initiatives and causes in diverse fields like arts, medicine, music, community and social issues.

One of the most well known of Mr. Osio’s community initiatives that truly embodies his philanthropic vision is centered in the city of Miami. His patronage of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, whom he served as a member of the Orchestra Board, is well documented. His extensive support for the growth of arts in the city has been visible in his funding of the Saludarte Foundation of Arts, which promotes the works of artists like Carlos Cruz Diez.

David Osio’s charitable initiatives like Wayuu Taya Foundation, which strives to improve the lives of indigenous people in Latin America. In his own homeland, Mr. Osio has been an active patron of the Fundana Foundation, dedicated to the safety and protection of children’s rights. His philanthropic endeavors into the field of medical research is also focused on improving the lives of children. “Every little bit helps when it comes to medical research for children,” says Osio on his interest in the field. He is also a regular supporter of the UMA as well a dedicated sponsor of EPK events over the years.

David Osio envisions his businesses as active participants in positive change within the communities they share space with. As a result, both Osio and his Davos Group of companies have been felicitated repeatedly over the years for their outstanding contributions to society. Osio is a recipient of the Medal of Honor of the United States Congress. His philanthropic activities in Miami has garnered him several awards and recognition in the state of Florida, including the South Florida Business Leaders 2009, Movers and Shakers 2009 “honor to the business leaders of South Florida”.

From its origins in Caracas, the rise of Davos Group to a global presence in Miami, Geneva, New York and Panama has coincided with a commensurate increase philanthropic activities in each of these cities and regions. And now with Davos Group poised for further expansion, one can expect the positive impact espoused by one man’s vision to be felt in more regions around the globe as well.


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Superior Lip Balm Products That Work For All Budgets

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SEC Whistleblowers get Help From Attorneys


The SEC is not an organization that should be taken lightly and is something that is very important to the economy’s balance. The commission is one that works hard to make sure that the right money goes to the right avenue but there are sometimes people who ruin the balance by stealing money from the commission and by making things more difficult. When they do this, they will often include other people so that they are not the only ones involved and will not be the only ones who get punished from doing this. They do it through coercion and bribery.

People who are stealing money from the SEC are often the people who stand in supervisory positions. Since they are in a position to do so, they are able to tell people that they will be punished if they do not do what they say and if they report the information to the authorities. This is wrong and it is called retaliation. There are many things that could happen as a result of this, but, in the past, it caused people to not want to report any negative information about their bosses even if they were doing something that was illegal.

Another way that these people could convince other employees not to blow the whistle on their practices is through bribery. They would tell them that they would give them a portion of the money that they made (stole) if they promised not to tell on them. This money was often a sum that employees truly couldn’t refuse and they chose to take it even though they knew that it was wrong. They continued to do this until the SEC finally decided to take a stand and stop it.

The SEC’s solution to this problem was the SEC whistle blower program. The SEC made sure that people would not be reprimanded and that they would receive an award for blowing the whistle on practices that were illegal or were against the values of the SEC. They wanted people to feel like they were in a safe place when they were reporting this to authorities.

Even though they are protected, they still need to have additional help. An SEC whistle blower attorney from Labaton Sucharow will help employees or former employees get what they need out of the whistle blower process. They will stand behind them each step of the way.

Brian Bonar Proving What A True Leader Is

In today’s world, one thing we need more of is leaders. The more leaders that are out there, the better. Everyone has to start somewhere and if they can have a leader that leads them down the right path and shows them the ropes, they can be future leaders of a business or anything they put their mind to when it is all said and done.

However, as they say, no one can do it all by themselves and sometimes they need a little guidance and a little advice. Advice is invaluable. There is also another way to learn and that is by observation. Sometimes people learn the most by leaders who lead by example.

When it comes to Brian Bonar, he is both a lead by example type of person and also someone that is always there with an open door to help someone out and be there for them if they have any questions, whatsoever. No matter how busy he is, if someone is working for him, they are important to him. He knows everyone plays a part and a role when it comes to Dalrada Financial Corporation. After all, he has been the company’s CEO and chairman for over a decade.

As far as the world of the financial sector, he has been involved in that for over three decades. Somewhere along the way, there was someone in his life that gave him advice and took him under their wing. He is all about paying it forward and he remembers those people. He feels it is only fair to do the same for others.

He is as unselfish as it gets when it comes to giving back. In fact, he truly enjoys it. It brings a smile to his face to see someone when that light clicks and they finally get it, understand it, and comprehend it.

Others in the industry have taken notice and stood up and paid attention to the work of Brian Bonar, which is why he received the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance (

One of the things they look for is leadership qualities. Brian Bonar has been leading for a long time, and he knows that is part of his job responsibilities. He simply can’t just sit back, relax, and work from his office and have no communication with his employees. He needs to be seen and he needs to be heard.

Brian has learned from some of the greats and he has kept that information in the back of his brain at all times and has used it himself. The people that taught him would be proud to see he has taken their advice to heart and is using it.