Securus Is Doing Their Part to Bring Down GTL

I have been looking into Securus Technologies for some time, and I believe they have always acted with a high level of integrity. This makes sense to me since they are a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology to everything from public safety, investigations, and correctional facilities. If there ever was a company more closely related to the law, it is Securus Technologies.
Well according to PR Newswire, Securus plans to release some important findings that highlights integrity issues, which was done by Global Tel Link or GTL. This will be in conjunction with a Louisiana Public Service Commission Investigation of GTL wrongdoing that was released back in January 21, 1998.

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The investigation has been going on for years, but it is one that I have been keeping up with, so it is great to see that a company that I have been paying attention to is doing their part. It seems, according to a press release, this release of information will just be the first of many documents that prove GTL’s wrongdoings. The wrongdoings include overcharging customers, deliberately adding seconds to a call that were not used, and double billing. These practices are unlawful and disgraceful, which really put a bad name in the inmate communication industry. In fact, the Securus America‘s Chief Executive Officer (Richard A. Smith) said that he felt offended to find out all this information that continues to incriminate GTL more and more.

You could really tell that Securus Technologies, and the whole team, are really compassionate about the way that both inmates and their families are treated. I do hope that they can do everything possible to ensure that these kinds of practices are not done again. I am sure families and inmates are going to be more than happy to learn that Securus has their back.

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