Bountiful Beneful: Your Dog Food for Variety and Quality

Beneful is a Purina Brand of dog food that focuses on quality ingredients for all stages of your canine’s life. From dry to canned, your pup’s dining choices are covered. There will be no turning up noses at this bowl of wholesome doggie bits! For the classic dry dog food nibblers, Beneful offers 6 different varieties on Wal-Mart.
Originals comes in chicken, beef and salmon flavors and is your go-to choice with grains and veggies. These blends are created with farm raised chicken and beef or real salmon, and are combined with wholesome grains and fresh veggies such as carrots, beans and spinach.

For those “fluffier” canines that may be a little on the hefty side, Beneful offers a Healthy Weight option with 10% fewer calories than the Originals varieties [see,]. Taste and quality are not sacrificed, however. Farm raised chicken, apples, green beans, and carrots will fill your dog’s tummy and keep the scale from tipping.

Anyone have a super active, never stops, jumps all day little minion of a dog? The Playful Life variety is a perfect match! Carefully crafted with extra protein for those active muscles, everything your Frisbee chasing Fido needs is found in Playful Life. And not to forget the little ones, Healthy Puppy is created for that new special bundle and offers a good dose of DHA for brain and vision development. True to the Beneful name, both varieties are made with farm raised meat, whole grains and carefully selected fresh vegetables.

For your dog food choices, look no further than Purina’s line of Beneful dry dog food. You won’t be disappointed. Visit for more details.


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