The Woman Who Defines Surgery as an Art

It’s sometimes been said that there’s an art to surgery. But most people outside the medical world don’t give much thought to the deeper meaning implied by the phrase. But to Dr. Jennifer Walden, it’s been one of the defining principles of her entire life. She first began to think about the link between medicine and art when she was still in grade school. An art teacher remarked that she had the hands of a surgeon. This might not have made much of an impact on many children. However, Walden came from a unique background which made her quite interested in the idea. Her mother was a surgical nurse and her father a dentist. It’s little wonder that between all of this that she found herself interested in medicine. She would soon graduate from high school and then go on to graduate as salutatorian from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She would proceed to work with one of the world’s most renowned aesthetic plastic surgeons, Dr. Sherrell Aston.

However, she began to consider some other aspects of life. And a desire to raise a family brought her back to Texas. Her twin sons, Houston and Rex, have given her a new outlook on the importance of balancing aspects of one’s life. And it might well be another factor of what makes her such a renowned aesthetic plastic surgeons. She’s eager to help illuminate people about just how common an experience it is to look into aesthetic surgery. She’s found that people from all walks of life come in to see her for help.

However, it’s not just the skill and artistry of her techniques which have made her in such high demand. It’s also the fact that Walden has a deep affinity for new technologies. One can expect to see the latest surgical technologies being utilized in her office. And not only that, when the tools haven’t been invented yet she’s even sat down to help create them. For example, she’s created her own custom tools for breast surgery. These have proven so effective that they’re offered to other surgeons through Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments. Through all of this, Walden has proven herself as an example of an amazing doctor who’s managed to have it all in a variety of different aspects of her life.


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