Lime Crime And The Importance of Reaching Out When Marketing

Doe Deere has shown that being accessible goes hand in hand with spreading awareness. Doe Deere runs Lime Crime, which is a company that sells make up and other cosmetics. The company goes beyond the basic make up products. It also offers different colors, and textures so that people can explore their artistic side and create their own style. One thing that Doe Deere is very passionate about is self expression. If people are able to express themselves in ways that they like, then they will feel even better about themselves. One thing that is a great form of validation is for one to know that others are as happy with their appearance as they themselves are.

Lime Crime is available in different beauty and fashion retailers like Urban Outfitters. It fits right in with Urban Outfitters in that it offers a lot of variety so that people can find their own style and be able to present their own unique and custom style to the public. As her stuff is being offered at different stores, Doe Deere is receiving more recognition for the products that she is offering her customers. Lime Crime has proven to be a platform for people to better express themselves.

Doe Deere has a unique way of marketing her business. While other businesses just drop product announcements, Doe Deere engages with her followers and comments on their attempts to bring out an interesting look. She gives them validation. One thing that Doe Deere has shown is that she believes in the beauty of self expression and individuality. She understands that people can only be themselves, and she encourages others to do so. Hr business and product line is centered on the fact that people should be themselves. This is one of the factors behind the success of Lime Crime. People start to explore the possibilities of finding something new that they love.  Be sure to follow them on Twitter, and use the hashtag #LimeCrime.  Also follow them on Instagram, where they can be found at @limecrimemakeup and they always have pictures of their new Amazon products.

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