Bruce Levenson and Karen Levenson Launch Center with Gift

Bruce Levenson and Karen Levenson Launch Center with Gift It was three years ago that Bruce and Karen Levenson had launched seed money and then followed with a major gift. This gift reported by PR News Wire was for The Center of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. This Center is at the University of Maryland. This has rapidly grown into a center that leads in philanthropic studies right in the Nation’s Capital. This was originally reported on PR Newswire. Exciting Opportunities and Programs The Center does have a solid mission in place. Students are given experiences and skills that will enable them to be the next generation of strong and solid leaders. The Center has sponsored the DO GOOD CHALLENGE. This challenge is now in its fourth year. This is a highly innovative campus that encourages and inspires students to make great social impacts on their favorite cause. Students are given many exciting opportunities at the Center that also include innovative programs and courses. Outreach, wildlife preservation, and disabled, and youth outreach have been the focus for 12 graduate students who had been to India. There are many exciting programs and opportunities that have been made available thanks to Bruce an Karen Levenson and their gift.

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  1. Baylee Aydan July 25, 2017

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